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Advocate green aluminum industry, aluminum group at the 9th China international exhibition
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July 2 to 4, 2013, guangdong weiye group participated in the Shanghai new international expo center held the ninth China aluminum international exhibition, www.gkcbt.comprehensive introduction to the great group's achievements in the field of extrusion, deepening the new and old customers understanding of weiye group, and the product, further enhance the group's brand influence at home and abroad.

As a "thermometer" aluminum processing industry, China aluminum international exhibition is the annual aluminum event, the exhibition attracted a total of more than 30 countries and regions of nearly 500 well-known manufacturers, more than 15000 from around the world aluminum processing industrial chain and related applications in the field of professional audiences to the exhibition, for the most of all, a grand spectacle of exhibitors and the customer provides a large professional exchange platform.

This exhibition weiye group sent the marketing team www.gkcbt.composed of more than 20 people attend, vice general manager of Li Weiping performance guidance work. As "China top ten industrial aluminum extrusion materials industry", "China building aluminum two top ten enterprises", "China's energy saving innovation top ten enterprises", the great group in products, technology, brand, business negotiation, etc, a www.gkcbt.comprehensive attack, aluminum processing sector benchmarking enterprise image, the perfect present in front of everyone.

Four consecutive years to participate in the China international exhibition of great aluminum group, the key display and the introduction of new building materials this year "template" aluminum, aluminum wood www.gkcbt.composite energy-saving Windows and doors and a series of energy conservation and environmental protection high performance aluminum products, close to the exhibition "green low carbon", "energy conservation and environmental protection", the theme of the beautiful scenery at the fair to form, and has attracted widespread attention of the industry. At the same time, the also through the promotion, distributing brochures and other forms, showing great group with pictures and good corporate image, strong brand strength, advanced production technology. In just three days, attracted a large number of visitors to the booth on site consulting exchange, negotiate business, to cause better and faster development of domestic and foreign market has laid a good foundation.

In recent years, the development of aluminum industry in domestic and overseas markets and the challenges of national policy. Weiye group facing the relatively tight and tough market situation, still respond to the contemporary society to the enterprise, green low carbon energy saving and emission reduction, continuously in the green production and environmental protection applications in-depth research and development, to fully demonstrate the energy-saving profile leader's image.