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Guangdong Weiye Aluminium Factory Group (Referred to as Guangdong Weiye Group) was established in 2011, administering Guangdong Weiye Aluminium Factory Co., Ltd., Foshan Weihua Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and Foshan
Nanhai Weiye Metal Plate Co., Ltd., with its products covering architectural aluminium profiles, industrial aluminium profiles, energy-saving profiles, stainless steel and sheet metals and other fields, providing customers with a full
range of metal building material solutions.

At present, Weiye has the 3 production centers of Nanhai Shuitou Production Center, Nanhai Changhongling
Production Center and Jiangsu Production Center, more than 1,000 distributors throughout provinces,
municipalities and autonomous regions, with its products exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Weiye took lead in adopting headquarters unified brand management, establishing its production center in other province
and 5S brand stores. With an annual www.gkcbt.comprehensive production capacity exceeding 250,000 tons, it has its products widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, sanitary wares and many other industries.

Foshan Weihua Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. has a 100,000 t/a stainless steel products www.gkcbt.complying with China’s GB,
US ASTM, Japan’s JIS and other standards, widely used in building decoration, oil, paper-making, chemical
industry, food sanitation and medicine areas.

Weiye Metal Plate Co., Ltd. has introduced advanced technology and large-scale equipment, with 250,000t/a
plain carbon steel cold-rolled sheet, high-quality carbon steel deep drawn cold rolled sheet and ultra-thin TMBP.

Putting people first, dedicated to the training of personnel, Weiye has had long-term cooperative relations with South China University of Technology and other professional institutions in personnel training, technical exchanges and scientific management. The two factors of outstanding professionals and advanced production equipment
serve as a solid foundation for the quality principles of “Science and technology booms Weiye, high quality makes
famous brand”.

Taking belief in overwww.gkcbt.come challenge, outstanding performance as its faith, creating time-honored Weiye,
developing world famous brands as its strategic vision, Weiye is will to develop hand in hand with its customers and friends, www.gkcbt.committed to developing into a www.gkcbt.competitive industry benchmark and modern enterprise group.