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Performance Excellence Management Model (PEM)

The PEM is the popular and effective method and tool that help to improve manage performance of a
organization. The PEM is originated in Baldrige Award in America. The judges assess with seven aspects which
are leadership, strategy, customer and market, survey and analysis and improvement, human resource, process management, and results. The assessment has been gradually adopted by western developed countries and
regions, bewww.gkcbt.come a management model of excellence, the PEM, which is not a goal but a method that
provide supervision and assessment during the process.

Weiye introduced the PEM in 2009, and implemented the system into the real work of all staff. From strategy making and execution, resource planning and allocation, to customers and market management and process
assessment, Weiye strictly followed the system requirements, and push the forward. The introduction
and execution of the PEM has bewww.gkcbt.come the key for Weiye to outperform the rivals , and also the benchmark of
Weiye’s advance management and advantage.

6S Management System

The 6S means Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, and Security, which is a effective concept and method
in managing modern factories. Its management objects are the environment and man of the working site, and
its objective is to improve staff diathesis and standardize management through consistent execution and effort; its nature is the execution of a corporate culture, emphasizing discipline and daily fundamental works.

In order to do that, and raise product and service quality, Weiye edited a special 6S brochure, and set up the '6S Promotion www.gkcbt.committee', responsible for the promotion, execution, inspection, examination, and correction of all 6S requirements. Since the launch of it, we have made obvious achievement, building a clean, ordered,
efficient, civilized, and safe working environment.

In the application of the 6S standard, Weiye has clearly defined responsibility among workshop, QC,
technique, and designed a quality tracking card, specifying the source of problems, simulating technique and
management innovation, assigned responsibility to individual by clear rewards and punishments, www.gkcbt.completely
improving the quality supervision level.

5S brand manageme

Weiye has more than 1000 sales office in China, and will spread the 5S image shop throughout the country, which www.gkcbt.combines all the functions of Survey, Show, Sales, Service, and Satisfaction, so as to vividly promote the
brand culture and supreme service to the market, and also promote the information exchange and mutual
development of Weiye, and the customers and suppliers and the medium. The 5S system actually is a extension and reflection of Weiye’s excellent service. To improve service by brand building; to promote brand visibility by service. And eventually, driven by the four wheels of “brand, service, technology, and quality”, the Weiye
Group will rapidly, stably, sustainably thrive.

Survey (demand)

Show (product)

Sale (program)

Service service (customers)

Satisfy (demand)