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Technology, the core of changes

  Grasping the core technology, focusing on research and development Its R&D Testing Center is a provincial-level enterprise technical center and a Curtain Wall and Window Profile R&D Testing Center of CCMC under
the Ministry of Construction. with green and energy-saving prevalent, Weiye focuses on energy saving and
innovation in production and product development, branding and internal management. It has repeatedly won the honor of “China top 10 energy-saving and Innovative enterprises”. Relying on a series of advanced
international new energy-saving products and new technologies, it has been a real “energy-saving profile

  Weiye R&D Testing Center reflects its tireless exploration in non-ferrous metal building materials and
serves as a cradle of its patented technology, indicating its high-end door and window system (“Weijiaye”
door and window system, aluminium www.gkcbt.composite wood window and door system, building aluminium formwork etc) R&D, production and innovation strength.

Weiye Aluminium plant Science and Technology www.gkcbt.committee of experts

      September 1, 2012, the Weiye Aluminium Manufacture-Learning-Research Technology www.gkcbt.committee was
founded by couples of experts. With the supports of the professional research team and experts, Weiye
reaches a higher level of expanding production, product research, and technique, improving www.gkcbt.competiveness.

Research Team

  Outstanding talent deployment: the has a outstanding research team of 86 persons,
independently developing the 50 series windows and other 100 patented products, and more than 1400 worker who have strong quality awareness and neat operating skills, and a professional QC team of 103 persons,
lessening defects and improve productivity and quality.

Weijiaye Patented products

  China witnesses enormous energy consumption, with building energy consumption accounting for 1/4 to 1/3 of its total energy consumption. To implement the national strategy of energy saving and environmental
protection, it is necessary to implement building energy saving. As a modern enterprise group, Weiye focuses
on corporate social responsibilities, sustainable development, “time-honored enterprise and world famous
brand” strategic vision, developing the world’s leading “Weijiaye” door and window system.

  Focusing on function and user-friendly design, overall door and window curtain wall concept, control and
standard operation of accessories, profiles and strips, “Weijiaye” system makes door and window water
tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance and insulation up to advanced international standards.

  “Weijiaye” series products mainly include 50,65 casement insulation door and window, 80,90,86 sliding
insulation door and window, 100 insulation ground spring door and glass curtain wall. 50 casement insulation
door and window outweigh similar technologies at home and abroad, characterized by reasonable program,
advanced structural design, beautiful shape, an energy-efficient casement window suitable for China’s
practical situation.

  “Weijiaye” curtain wall adopts the small unit structure, small unit plate. Its frame adopts the hanging
structure free from screws. Like “drawer”, the plate installation can be www.gkcbt.completed in a few seconds. Member
curtain can achieve the mixed fa?ade effect of hidden horizontal frame, hidden vertical frame, full hidden frame and full exposed frame. The user can assemble his ideal curtain wall.

  “Weijiaye”“50 alloy aluminium energy-saving casement window”, and “140 series unit curtain
wall” was included into the promotional scientific and technological achievements of the national construction industry in 2009.