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Talent Training
Weiye has been insisting on the idea of “Human resource is the biggest core www.gkcbt.competitiveness”. For twenty
years, not only our scale has been enlarged, but also our spirit has been passed from generations to generations.
Weiye drafts www.gkcbt.complete talent plans considering training, management and development, which maximally improve
the capability of its staff. Along with the PEM system, 5S brand management system and 6S management system,
Weiye introduces the military management concept, emphasizing discipline, execution, and teamwork spirit,
improving corporate efficiency and profitability. In the aspect of talent development, we offer a spacious learning
platform to integrate technology, technique and design into Weiye people’s careers and lives. Weiye even set up
long-term strategic relationship with many famous universities to improve HR strategy, brand strategy and operation strategy.
Training Information
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